Sofia Smart Hostel

Sofia Smart Hostel is the First Intelligent Hotel in Sofia, a brand-new, stylish and comfortable accommodation, situated in a perfect city center location! All of the top tourist attractions are within easy walking distance - The Synagogue, Banya Bashi Mosque, the beautiful Sofia Public Mineral baths and St.Nedelya Church, all surrounded by archeological excavations of Roman trails. The Central Market Hall, TZUM (the Central Department Store) and the Womens' bazar are just around the corner, as well as numerous trendy shops, fancy bars and exquisite restaurants.

Sofia King Palace
Church S.Nedelya

The world is yours!

Travelling offers us freedom along with new perspectives over life and it's a tremendous opportunity to add new skills while developing independence. 

The journey itself contributes to every individual's personal development. You acquire new qualities, you become spiritually rich, you learn about the culture of various people living in other countries and you begin to understand why they live in this way and not differently.

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Our clients say
Was a very beautiful hotel, great location.loved the kindness from the staff. They were very helpful. The sense of community was great. The beds, mattresses and duvet all good quality and well maintained. I highly recommended Sofia Smart Hotel­
Very great place, have recommended it to other travelers and will do so to friends too. Great place, lovely staff 
Great Place To Stay­